Trisagion School of Byzantine Music Announcement for 4th Term Courses

Trisagion School of Byzantine Music Announcement for 4th Term Courses

There are three courses being offered during the fourth term which runs from October 26th to December 13th.

Byzantine Beginnings 102

The first course, ByzB 102 is the second in our series of three courses for beginners and is taught by Amy Hogg.  In this course, students will study interval symbols, qualitative symbols, rhythm symbols, and symbols that indicate the mode and scale.  As students learn the symbols, they will study Heirmologic hymns on parallagi.  This course builds on the work students did in ByzB 101, in which they learned to chant on parallagi by ear and studied the intervals of two modes in depth.  Students that did not take ByzB 101 due to having similar knowledge and experience are welcome to register for ByzB 102 after checking with the instructor (please send an email via our website).

Prerequisites for ByzB 102 is Byzantine Beginnings 101 or a musical equivalency, to apply for an evaluation, send an email to

To Register for Byzantine Beginnings 102, click here:

Typikon 101

The second 100 level course being offered is Typikon 101.  In this course, students will learn how to build services for every day using the Great Horologion, Octoechos, Menaion, and – when appropriate – the Triodion or Pentecostarion, using the Typikon of Protopsaltis Georgios Violakis as a guide. Students will also learn the history of various other Typika (the plural of Typikon) and the differences between these Typika.  Typikon 101 will focus on the Sunday and Festal Cycle of services, as those are the most commonly chanted in parishes.  This course is the first of three Typikon courses which are being developed and taught by Peter George.  Peter is a chanter  and HS Latin teacher in the Boston area and knows the Typikon very well.   Peter has been a guest on the Ancient Faith podcast A Sacrifice of Praise numerous times to talk about the services.  There are some episodes in which the hosts there interview Peter about the structure of Orthros and the Divine Liturgy (the Divine Liturgy episodes are in the midst of being released now).  Give them a listen and you’ll hear what a great teacher Peter is.

To Register for Typikon 101, click here:

There are no prerequisites.

Festal Menaion 302

The third course being offered is Festal Menaion 302 and is taught by Samuel Herron.  This course will study vocal performance, advanced modal theory, and high level interpretation of the Short Sticheraric Genre through the lens of the the hymnography of the feasts of the Entry of the Theotokos (November 21st) and the Nativity of Christ (December 25th).

To Register for Festal Menaion 302, click here:

Prerequisites for Festal Menaion 302 is Octoechos 200 level or a musical equivalency, to apply for an evaluation, send an email to

If you have any questions regarding registration, please send an email to

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