The Trisagion School of Byzantine Music offers discounts to parishioners from the same parish. The discount may be applied to any of our standard $275 priced classes (Byzantine Beginnings 100, Octoechos 200, Festal Menaion 300, and Papadic 400 classes), and students do not need to be in the same class for the discount to be applied.

Students will register for their class via our website during the normal registration window just like all other students. To receive the parish discount, a point person from the parish needs to email the school a list of the parishioners and their classes during the first week of the term. Students have until the 2nd Wednesday of the term to drop their class and receive a full refund. After the drop date passes the school will send out partial refunds to students based on the discount that their church qualified for.

TSBM uses a sliding scale for discounts, based on the number of parishioners signing up for classes.

# of Students Discount per student/Amount that will be refunded
2 $10
3 $20
4 $30
5 $40
6 - 9 $50
10 - 14 $75
15+ $100