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      Peter George

        Hi Everyone,

        Thank you for taking Typikon 102. If you could let us know a little about yourself – where are you from and where do you chant – that would be great! Also, since this is a 102 class, I’d love to know what you’d like to focus on this semester, especially during our in-person Office Hour sessions.

        My name is Peter George and I am your instructor. I live south of Boston and attend St. Mark of Ephesus in Westwood, MA, serving as the lampadarios (2nd chanter). I can’t wait to share my love of the Typikon with you as we dive into more complex topics.

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          CHRIST IS RISEN!
          Hello everyone! My name is Natalia Carnazzo. I have been leading the chant at St. Elias Church in San Jose California for about 6 years. I greatly enjoy chanting and I absolutely love studying the Typikon, building services, and learning the rules that govern them. I am so excited to take Typikon 102! I have taken Typikon 101 twice, simply because it was so much fun!
          I have a basic knowledge of classical and koine Greek. I have been taking classes with TSBM for about 2 years, and I love them! As far as other musical training goes, I have taken piano since I was 5 yrs old and can read western notation fluently.

          I am excited to deepen my knowledge of the Typikon! Thank you Mr. George for offering this class!!!😄

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          Michael Dixon

            Hi. I’m Michael Dixon and attend St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church in Charlotte, NC. I’ve been chanting there for a little less than a year and have been learning Byzantine chant since last summer. In a prior life (prior to moving to Charlotte in 2021), I attended an OCA church in Chicago and sang in the choir for 10 years. I also play piano and have some training in Western music theory. I recently took Typikon 101 and am still very new to the Typikon and how to organize services. I look forward to continue learning through this course.

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              Christ Is Risen!

              My name is Yaulanda Spyrou and I currently attend St. Anthony the Great Antiochian Church in San Diego, CA. I have been taking chanting classes with TSBM for about 3 years now and am looking forward to learn how to put together services. Thank you for offering this class.

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              Christ is Risen!

              My name is Eric Ortiz, and I live with my wife and four children in Northern Virginia. We attend Holy Transfiguration in McLean, VA, where I serve as a subdeacon. Funny enough, typikon 102 will be more practical to me personally than typikon 101 since, as subdeacon, I am often at the altar during festal services, while during daily services, I am normally at the kliros. I am not a very talented chanter, but I have been assisting as I can at the Kliros for about seven years. I am very interested in developing a deeper understanding of the typikon, so if I am ever called to ministry in the church as a deacon or priest, I can ensure services are being chanted correctly and provide mentoring as needed.

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