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      Alexandra Zampino

        Hi Peter,
        In the lecture on the Divine Liturgy, you mention that the Constantinopolitan practice as regards the Antiphons in the earlier centuries was to chant them on the way to the Liturgy (hence the “entrance” of the people that then took place at the Small Entrance).

        However, you also mention that the practice in the Greek Archdiocese Churches up to the turn of the 20th century was to still chant the Typika.

        If I’m following correctly, does this mean that the practice for the Constantinopolitan tradition was to chant the Antiphons, then later during the Byzantine Synthesis, the Antiphons were replaced by the Typika, and then in the turn of the 20th century, the GOARCH re-instituted the use of the Antiphons?

        Also, are you familiar with the tradition of some Antiochian parishes during the Trisagion Hymn to not chant “ne…dynamis” after the dynamis is proclaimed by the clergy? I’ve stood in for chanters in some Antiochian parishes and I’ve chanted “ne…dynamis” but was told not to afterwards. Just curious as to whether this is a “Typikon thing” or something that has just fallen out of use in the Antiochian archdiocese.

        Thanks for bearing with my long questions!

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        Alexandra Zampino

          Another question: I studied under a chanter who mentioned that he chooses the particular setting of the Cherubic Hymn, not only according to the mode of the week, but also according to the weather (which I found quite interesting). I’ve never heard anyone else describe this. Is this something you’re familiar with?

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