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      Peter George

        Hi Everyone! I’d like to use this space as a place where we can introduce ourselves. Let everyone know your name, your parish, your chanting experience and what you hope to gain from this class.

        I’ll start: My name is Peter George and I go to St. Mark of Ephesus in Westwood, MA. I’ve been chanting since I was 16 years old and I have been the Lampadarios in my parish since 2009. In 2014, I received my certificate in Byzantine Chant from Holy Cross Seminary in Brookline, MA.

        My passion for the Typikon comes from my old parish priest, who used to make us create the services “from scratch,” that is, using the service books alone. I was blown away by the complexity of the service order and its variation based on the date, but also began to realize that our services are not one unified system, but rather a collection of hymns and rubrics pulled from different places and eras. The Typikon puts all these together into a beautiful tapestry that we can appreciate today. I hope to share and pass this passion along to you, along with the practical ability to build services to help the worship at your parishes.

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        Hello everyone!
        My name is Agatha Carnazzo, I am 16 yrs old, and I have been Orthodox all my life. I lead the chanting, along with my sister Natalia, at our church St. Elias, where my father is the Priest. My whole life is centered around learning as much as I can about our rich orthodox tradition, studying rubrics, and chanting the beautiful hymns of the Apostolic church. I took this class about a year ago, and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to take it again. I am also currently taking 201.

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        Jamie Tarasidis

          I’m Jamie Tarasidis, and I chant at St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Greenville, SC. I have taken a few of Sam’s classes at Trisagion School. I’ve always been interested in this one, and after just finishing the week at The Liturgical Arts Academy, I decided now is the time! We use DCS at my parish, and though I can see how the structure changes throughout the year, I don’t have any experience with the books that everything comes from, and I want to learn more.

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            Hello my name is Natalia Carnazzo(18). I help, along with my sister lead the services at our church, St. Elias. I have grown up in this amazing tradition of Byzantine chant my whole life and have a deep love for its richness and beauty. At our church we build the services “from scratch”, using the Typikon of Bp. Demetri Khoury and the HTM books, which is the reason I am taking this class. As I get more acquainted with the code of the Typikon I hope to avoid mistakes in the service building and therefore keep in step with the Rubric tradition of the Orthodox church. I took Typikon 101 about a year ago and had so much fun with it that I am now retaking it. (Thank you Mr. George) I enjoy studying rubrics, building the services, learning chant, and in my free time studying my Greek Anastasimatarion.
            I am currently also taking 201.

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            Angelo Poulos

              Hello Everyone,
              My name is Angelo Poulos, I am based out of Chicago-area and attend Saints Peter & Paul GOC in Glenview. I grew up in a mission parish outside of Portland, OR, starting out in the alter and eventually made my way to the chanters stand. Throughout those early years, I became very familiar with the patterns of hymns, prayers, psalms, etc. within services, but never understood WHY. As I start to make my way back to the chanters stand consistently, I thought the Typikon courses were a great place to start, and to finally understand the WHY. I look forward to learning with everyone!

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              Jamie Tarasidis

                Natalia and Agatha, I just want to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed taking this class with you and seeing you each week in Office Hours. I started chanting when my oldest child went to college (11 years ago), so you have a huge jump on me even though I’ve been chanting for most of YOUR lives! I’m so excited to see young people chanting, and especially to see women! There’s a Facebook group for female chanters, so if you are on Facebook, look us up – Psaltic Sisters. Maybe someday we’ll get to meet in person, God willing. My email is .

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