Adding odes 1 and 3 to the standard GOA cut

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      Jamie Tarasidis

        We talked about this in office hours a couple of weeks ago, but I need a little review. If we usually do the standard GOA cut and just want to add in odes 1 and 3, do we basically just add them in after the anavathmoi and prokeimenon, then have a little litany, then mid-ode kathisma, then just start reading the kontakion, oikos, synaxarion and continue as we usually would, to the end?

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        Peter George

          Correct: You would start chanting the canon immediately after the prokeimenon. After the third ode, little litany and mid-ode kathisma. I have seen in Greece yet another little litany after the mid-ode kathisma, since there is supposed to be one after the end of the 6th ode. It’s your call as to whether you want to include it or not.

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