Reply To: General Questions

Peter George

    Hi Jamie,

    There are many saints who have very basic or no services in the Menaion. In cases like this, when the saints are worshipped popularly but have no service, people will write services to them. Some of the most famous hymnographers of the last centuries, including St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite and St. Gerasimos the New (canonized just this past year) have contributed thousands of such services into the life of the Church. In Greek, the term we use for these services are “phyllades” (translated as “packets”).

    Many of these can be found in Greek on the internet. Unfortunately, most of these have not yet been translated into English, although Fr. Seraphim has translated a few and has put them on the DCS. Hopefully, as the years go on, we will see more of these in the English language.