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    Hello my name is Natalia Carnazzo(18). I help, along with my sister lead the services at our church, St. Elias. I have grown up in this amazing tradition of Byzantine chant my whole life and have a deep love for its richness and beauty. At our church we build the services “from scratch”, using the Typikon of Bp. Demetri Khoury and the HTM books, which is the reason I am taking this class. As I get more acquainted with the code of the Typikon I hope to avoid mistakes in the service building and therefore keep in step with the Rubric tradition of the Orthodox church. I took Typikon 101 about a year ago and had so much fun with it that I am now retaking it. (Thank you Mr. George) I enjoy studying rubrics, building the services, learning chant, and in my free time studying my Greek Anastasimatarion.
    I am currently also taking 201.