Reply To: Week 5 homework question

Peter George

    Hi Sarah,

    So this confusion primarily arises from the fact that we generally don’t chant the canon in Matins.

    Every saint in the Menaion, celebrated or not, has the following:

      Three troparia at Lord, I have cried
      A full canon of eight odes (Odes 1-9, minus Ode 2)
      A mid-ode kathisma between Odes 3 and 4.

    Therefore, a mid-ode kathisma is not a sign that a saint is celebrated. In current, Greek practice, the mid-ode kathismata are not chanted, since the canon is not chanted and these mid-ode kathismata are never used in the place for the kathismata before the Evlogetaria.

    Does this make sense?