Reply To: Questions about Lesson 2

Alexandra Zampino

    Hi Helen! I think I saw posted at some point in this course a comment about how we can respond to other students’ questions, so I’ll take a shot at helping 🙂

    I found it helpful to go back to Lecture 1 when I had any questions about what a Typikon was, “Typika” being the plural form of the word. Peter made the powerpoint available to download, too, if you click directly on the hyperlink for “Lesson 1” in the left hand bar.

    The Typikon is a document which outlines the order of the services and gives general rubrics, or guidelines, for resolving conflicts when feasts coincide with certain days of the week (Sundays, for instance).

    What do you think, everyone, was my definition okay? Anything you’d add? Hope this helps, Helen!