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    Hi Peter & all in this course!
    My name is Helen Jonas & am a graduate of both Hellenic College & Holy Cross. I live in Chicago & chant at my brother’s parish of St. George in Dekalk, IL. I’m the lambatharos (although I chant at the same chanter stand as the protopsalti who isn’t trained in Byz Chant – chants by ear.) & actually have been chanting for 35 years on & off but was able to master the Byzantine Chant due to no instructor. I was able to pursue my interest in Byz Chant when I moved to Chicago in 1995 when I was able to attend a Byz Music school organized by chanters from Greece. It’s been a challenge being a woman at the Chanter stand but am thankful to God for the Trisagion School of Byz Music & the opportunity to fulfill my dream.