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    Without trying to sound like I’m copying Jamie, I agree with a lot of her points!

    -I prefer that “Liturgy begins when orthros ends,” i.e. no time-cutoff for orthros.

    -I would move the gospel back to its normal place–I think this would eliminate unnecessary confusion and difficulty. If we’re (presumably) not doing the canon anyway, it really doesn’t make much of a difference in what time the gospel is read (and therefore how many people are present), so then it just makes things weird and confusing.

    -It would be nice to chant the Polyeleos when applicable.

    -I doubt we would ever be able to do the whole canon, but it would be nice to be able to do at least part of it.

    -We’ve been able to do the stichologia the last several years, and I would like to continue that.

    -I would like to see the celebration of the American Saints included more. (And metered translations of their services!)

    -We would have enough/skilled enough chanters to be able to do whatever we want without difficulty. Also no contention, competition, vanity, translation/music “wars”…