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Jamie Tarasidis

    I’ve been brainstorming about this, and here are some of the things I’ve thought of:

    Very practical stuff:
    – Everyone arrives on time, and we start on time.
    – All chanters have reviewed the service ahead of time and practiced as needed.
    – If there are any decisions to be made about the service, they’ve already been discussed and settled.
    – There are no restrictions on whose music we use.
    – People are in the pews! (We actually have pretty good attendance at Orthros at our parish, compared to some others.)
    – For me, it’s ideal to be at my own parish, because I love it and it’s home!
    – We have enough time to do what we plan to do, with no set end time.
    – I’m chanting with my favorite chanters! That could mean just one other person, or a group. One possibility is getting to chant with other women.

    The service:
    – We do the first and third odes of the canon.
    – We do the praises stichologia.
    – All or mostly English.

    So I have a lot more practical stuff than service stuff!