Reply To: Week 3


    “When a Post-feast falls on a Sunday, in Saturday Vespers

    At Lord, I Have Cried, we chant 6 Resurrectional Stichera from the Octoechos and 4 from the Menaion, from the post-festal stichera that are in the Menaion for the calendar date. For example, if Sunday is September 10th, we would chant the Stichera that have the heading ‘Of the feast’. “

    I’ve also never seen this. I’ve always seen the festal hymns taken from the feast itself, not from whatever calendar date the Sunday falls on. (For example, today/last night the stichera in vespers and orthros were the festal hymns from Sept. 14th, not Sept. 17th.)

    Is this another case where the typikon says one thing, but everyone does something else?