Papadic 403: 4th and Plagal 4th Mode (T2-2021)

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This class continues with the Papadic ‘Octoechos’ in which a Cherubic hymn, Sunday Communion Hymn, and festal papadic hymn in both 4th and Plagal 4th mode will be the focus, covering a total of 6 Papadic pieces in 7 weeks. Performance practice and formula theory and recognition will be the main focus of the Papadic Octoechos courses.

Prerequisite(s): All of the Papadic courses require completion of Octo√ęchos 200 level courses and Introduction to Papadic 401, or an instructor evaluation. To request an instructor evaluation, please send email to

Class Dates: 2nd Term (May 10 – June 27)
Live Practice Sessions: TBD