2nd Term 2021 Course Offerings

Registration has opened for the 2nd Term of 2021, which runs from May 10 – June 27thRegistration for the term closes on May 10th, the day that classes begin.  This term we will be offering seven courses:

ByzB 101: Parallagi, Scales, & Vocal Technique
ByzB 102: Introduction to Byzantine Notation
Automela 111: Model Melodies, Part 1
Typikon 101: The Cycle of Services
Vocal Technique Lab
Papadic 401
Papadic 403

To Register for Classes, please visit the following link: https://trisagionschool.org/course-catalog/   On that page you will find all of the courses offered this term.  Click on the course and you will be directed to the page to register.

ByzB 101 -We had planned to wait until September to offer ByzB 101, but due to popular demand we are offering it this term.  We plan to offer ByzB 101 three terms each year—in January, May, and September.  This gives new students the chance to embark on their studies at Trisagion School three times a year.  ByzB 102 and 103 will be offered consecutively after each session of ByzB 101 so that students will not have a break in their studies.

ByzB 102 – This class focuses on Byzantine notation symbols found in Heirmologic Hymns.  Students will put four of the eight intonations learned in 101 to use as they learn to read syllabic hymns in the Diatonic Modes. If you did not take ByzB 101 but have a lot of chanting experience you may be able to jump into ByzB 102.  To request an instructor evaluation, please send an email to info@trisagionschool.org.

This term we are structuring the ByzB 100 level live practice sessions differently.  We have the vocal technique practice out of the regular 101 and 102 practice sessions and have made vocal technique practice sessions that will be shared by both classes.  Students should plan to come to at least one regular practice session and one vocal technique practice session each week (which are a half hour each).  Both type of practice sessions balance group practice with individual practice.

Automela 111 – This is the first of four Automela courses that we will offer. In this course students study ten automela.  This class includes lessons showing strategies for learning automela and setting the melody to new text and lots of resources to aid in this process. Each automelon includes recordings on parallagi and melos (the whole hymn and phrase by phrase), along with recordings of three prosomia.  Each automelon also includes two types of scores. One score is in Byzantine notation and the other is a pictoral score for those who don’t read Byzantine notation (scroll down to see images). Please note that this is an eight week course

Typikon 101 – This is the second time we have offered this class, and we are likely to continue offering it once or twice a year.  Students learn how to build services for every day with the Great Horologion, Octoechos, Menaion, and – when appropriate – the Triodion or Pentecostarion, using the Typikon of Protopsaltis Georgios Violakis as their guide. Students will also learn the history of various other Typika (the plural of Typikon) and the differences between these Typika.  Typikon 101 will focus on the Sunday and Festal Cycle of services, those which are most commonly chanted in parishes.  This class includes reading, videos, assignments, and forum discussions.  Due to the academic nature of the course there won’t be any live practice sessions.

Vocal Technique Lab – Solid, ongoing vocal training allows students to chant in a healthy manner and develop confidence in their voices.  Students enrolled in another class at TS receive a 50% discount on this class (option coming soon).  The course materials will remain mostly the same each term and are organized by the different structures in the body that contribute to vocal quality.  Through guided practice in the weekly live practice session, students will learn how to feel, hear, and control their voices better.  Students are encouraged to bring their vocal issues and questions to class as each session will include open coaching.

Papadic 401 – This course functions as an introduction to the slow melismatic (“papadic”) genre of Byzantine Chant. Students will study the characteristics of each mode’s papadic form and will focus on one representative composition of each mode in this genre. Repertoire will be analyzed in terms of modal theory/intervals, melodic structure/morphology, liturgical execution, and other related topics.  The online practice session days and times are TBD.  Please note that this is an eight week course.

Papadic 403 – This class continues with the Papadic ‘Octoechos’ in which a Cherubic hymn, Sunday Communion Hymn, and festal papadic hymn in both 4th and Plagal 4th mode will be the focus, covering a total of 6 Papadic pieces in 7 weeks. Performance practice and formula theory and recognition will be the main focus of the Papadic Octoechos courses.  The online practice session days and times are TBD.   All of the Papadic courses require completion of Octoëchos 200 level courses and Introduction to Papadic 401, or an instructor evaluation. To request an instructor evaluation, please send email to info@trisagionschool.org.


Example from an automelon Ni Pa Vou Score


Example from a prosomion Ni Pa Vou Score which shows where syllable are extended

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