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Trisagion School of Byzantine Music Announcement for 4th Term Courses

Trisagion School of Byzantine Music Announcement for 4th Term Courses There are three courses being offered during the fourth term which runs from October 26th to December 13th. Byzantine Beginnings 102 The first course, ByzB 102 is the second in our series of three courses for beginners and is taught by Amy Hogg.  In this…


Ancient Faith Radio Interview with the the Founders of Trisagion School

Richard Barrett, protopsaltis and choir director at Holy Dormition Greek Orthodox Church in Somerville, MA—and the co-host of A Sacrifice of Praise—interviews Amy Hogg, Samuel Herron, and Gabriel Cremeens, the individuals behind the new Trisagion School of Byzantine Music, an online Byzantine Chant training program whose mission it is to offer Byzantine Chant instruction in English with…

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The Trisagion School Story

In the vast majority of Orthodox parishes, the sacred musical tradition of Byzantine Chant is in danger of being lost. Nearly every parish struggles to find a chanter to lead their liturgical services – yet oftentimes, even when they do find someone, the candidate may be enthusiastic, but lacking the necessary training and resources to…


Composition, Notation, and the Grammar of Byzantine Chant

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a Byzantine musical composition work.  It’s something I do a lot – as a composer, I’m constantly studying the works of other composers much better than I (such as Petros the Peloponnesian) in order to understand the internal logic of their work.  What makes their compositions…

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