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      The questions is: “Do you do Daily Services at your parish? If not, what are the “normal” services that your parish does on a weekly basis? What kind of services get added on a special basis? What services does your parish normally do during Lent?”

      We do, indeed, do “daily services” at our parish, *if* a Saint that we want to commemorate with an Orthros and Liturgy happens to be semi-celebrated or uncelebrated Saint.

      Each Thursday, we offer a Paraklesis service to either the Theotokos, our patron St Nektarios, or any of several Unmercenaries to which we have a shrine. We *just* began adding in weekly Saturday evening vespers (which of course is not “daily”) to our already-existing routine of Sunday morning services. Otherwise, our service schedule is more dictated by date than day of the week.

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      Sometimes we do daily services but not all the time, it depends on the saint. For instance last week we did one for Great Vespers in honour of Saint Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessaloniki.
      We also do divine liturgies during the week. For example last one was in honour of Saint Venerable Martyr Anastasia form Rome.

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