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      At the end of the second video lecture this week, we were asked to identify the following commemorations as celebrated, semi-celebrated, or simple; and to provide our reasoning:

      January 18: St Athanasios- FESTAL / CELEBRATED. Dogmatic Theotokion and entrance at vespers. Three vespers readings. Kathismata hymns for the Saint. A kathisma hymn after Polyeleos.

      January 19: St Makarios- SEMI-CELEBRATED. No small vespers, vespers readings, or Orthros Kathismata hymns. However, there does exist a Vespers Aposticha Doxastiko.

      January 24: St Xenia- SIMPLE. No vespers aposticha for the Saint or vespers aposticha doxastiko. No lauds. Aposticha of the octoechos. No Great Doxology.

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