Types of Hymns

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      Apolytikion? Kontakion? Troparion? I recognize them as hymns but I do not know the difference between any of them. Where can I find the definitions/types of each hymn and their functions? You said I could ask anything 🙂

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      Peter George

      All great questions, Joan! I have a list of Essential Vocabulary here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14k2imC5HQbiRYxvMAs82lMcnU3nITLGE-7JvmAkhJIg/edit?usp=sharing

      Let me know if there’s anything missing from this list and I will add it!

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      This list is great – thanks for the flashcard material!

      Katavasia? And some inspiration from the forum – eothinon?

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      Oh! Eothinon = Matins Gospel, if I understand correctly from this week’s video #2?

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        Peter George

        Yes, correct. The Eothinon specifically is series of 11 Matins Gospels that are read on Sunday mornings. They all are accounts of Christ’s Resurrection.

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      Yay for me, I figured out that there are two tabs on the spreadsheet – hah! What is the definition of an Exclamation? I feel like I cross myself when this happens and then we move on to something else, like it is transitional…

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      Never mind, I see it! But could you let me know if my description is accurate?

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