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      Peter George

      Welcome to Typikon 101! My name is Peter George and I am your instructor. I’d like to use this thread to introduce ourselves and share some things about our background. There are three questions I’d like you to answer: Where are you from? What kind of chanting experience (or experience assisting with Church services) do you have? What do you hope to get out of the class?

      I’ll start!

      I am from Boston, Massachusetts and have been chanting at St. Mark of Ephesus (now in Westwood, MA) since I was 16 years old. It was at St. Mark’s that my interest in the Typikon developed, as our priest at the time insisted that I consult the Violakis Typikon before every service, teaching me how to read the ecclesiastical Greek that was inside. In 2010, Pascha fell on April 4th (the earliest possible day) and the amount of unique situations that arose as a result really got me hooked on the specifics on the Typikon.

      In 2014, I earned my Certification in Byzantine Chant from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary in Brookline, MA. In addition to serving as the lampadarios (leader of the left choir) at St. Mark, I have been chanting with the Psaltikon Ensemble, under the leadership of Dr. Spyridon Antonopoulos and the Dynamis Ensemble, under the leadership of Protopsaltis Samuel Herron.

      I look forward joining you on your journey as you learn about the Typikon.

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      Hello, My name is Erin Lockridge. I am currently enrolled in Byz103 along with this course, and have really enjoyed learning more about our church tradition and the structures behind our worship. I attend an OCA parish in Cincinnati, Ohio and spend most of my time with my two kiddos, age 1 and 3. When I am not singing, I make art, grow food and flowers, and help my husband run a pay-as-you-can breakfast cafe in our neighborhood.

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      Philip Sells

      Hi there! I’m getting in the door a bit late, seemingly – I’m sorry about that. But anyway, I’m Philip Sells, and am coming to this course after having taken Automela 111 just before. I’m the chanter at St. Basil GOC in Troy, NY, and have been busy with that for something like 10 years now, maybe a little more; but only in the last few years have I really begun to grasp a lot of things about the psaltic art. This course I think of as a good way to really understand the structure of the services on a less intuitive or haphazard level than I’ve experienced up to now.

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      Well hello everyone. I’m Dina Marinakos. In non-covid times, I lead the women’s choir at our Greek (but multi-cultural) parish here in Charlotte. I also teach piano.

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      Katie Brumley

      Hello! I’m Katie Brumley. I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and yes, Erin Tuttle, I met you at Christina Stavros’ house in Grand Rapids years ago! Congratulations on the growing family and farming 🙂

      My 3 boys are all finally old enough to serve in the altar on a regular basis, and this fall I am blessed to be at the chant stand. I’ve been through ByzB 103 and an automela class. A few years ago we did a “Kids Vespers” a couple times a week with a few families meeting at church. We would pull out the Menaion, Octoechos, Horologion, and Psalter, and put together the service as best we figured out to do. It was tricky, but enlightening.

      I’m hoping to learn from this class about the structure of Matins (the service I chant most of the time) and a better understanding of all the books and rules.

      I wasn’t able to start doing lessons until this weekend. The beginning of the school year always gets me (homeschooling plus Sunday School). But I’m hoping I’ll have more time to dedicate to studying this week! I’m loving the videos! They just carry me right along.

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