11 Eothinons

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      since the 11 Eothinons are sung only on Sunday what would happen at the spot in Orthros where we sing the Exapostilarion hymn on a week day that is not a feast day?

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      Peter George

      Very good question. On simple (non-festal) weekdays, we chant the Exapostelaria that are in the Menaion. If the Menaion has none, then chant the ones from the Octoechos. During Great Lent, the Exapostelaria are replaced by the Hymns of Guiding Light.

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      Constantine Kokenes

      About the word “Eothinon” which *may* help you remember it…or not 🙂

      Eothinon is an adjective which means “the morning _____”
      (Η ετοιμολογία της λέξης εωθινός είναι “πρωινός”).

      There are Eothina Doxastika (Glory hymn at the Praises), Eothina Exapostelaria, and Eothina Gospels all in a cycle of 11 for Sunday *mornings* about which I am sure Peter will tell us more later.

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      Thank you. That is very interesting and helpful

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