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Constantine Kokenes

I am Constantine Kokenes, Atlanta Georgia, though I chant since COVID in Athens, GA at the GOA parish of St Philothea of Athens.

Chanter of approximately 40 years. In the old days we chanted only in Greek and had to use all of the various service books to put together a service. Our main guide from the early 80’s until AGES came out was the Reader’s Manual (Εγκόλπιον του Αναγνώστου) and an abridged typikon published by Nektarios Panagopoulos.

I have been tasked to chant exclusively in English these last 10 years and using only the AGES translations so I have become quite lazy and just link to AGES for any service. Typikon was never my strong point and I am very rusty after 10 years away from putting together services.

Taking the course to brush up on what I may have known a long time ago and forgotten and also to learn a whole lot of new stuff I never knew to begin with!