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Katie Brumley

Hello! I’m Katie Brumley. I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and yes, Erin Tuttle, I met you at Christina Stavros’ house in Grand Rapids years ago! Congratulations on the growing family and farming 🙂

My 3 boys are all finally old enough to serve in the altar on a regular basis, and this fall I am blessed to be at the chant stand. I’ve been through ByzB 103 and an automela class. A few years ago we did a “Kids Vespers” a couple times a week with a few families meeting at church. We would pull out the Menaion, Octoechos, Horologion, and Psalter, and put together the service as best we figured out to do. It was tricky, but enlightening.

I’m hoping to learn from this class about the structure of Matins (the service I chant most of the time) and a better understanding of all the books and rules.

I wasn’t able to start doing lessons until this weekend. The beginning of the school year always gets me (homeschooling plus Sunday School). But I’m hoping I’ll have more time to dedicate to studying this week! I’m loving the videos! They just carry me right along.