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Amy Hogg

I wanted to let you know that this afternoon I completed the Read Along lessons on the 2nd Mode Lord I Have Cried and Let My Prayer hymns in Week 7. I would have liked to have them done sooner but I ran out of time on Friday and needed a break on the weekend. Sorry! I had thought I might do videos to go along with these lessons but it took me almost 8 hours to write them between yesterday and today and I’m out of steam. I might go back and add videos with the explanations if you guys are having trouble understanding the written explanations. So, please let me know how the lessons go for you on Thursday (as most of you won’t have time to look at the lessons before our sessions tonight).

I hope you had a good weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing you at practices this week. It is 48 and sunny here in Pittsburgh. 🙂 Such a relief after all the snow and cold weather.