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Amy Hogg

Hello everyone,
I was so encouraged to hear you all chant during our practice session on Tuesday night. I can tell that you are working hard and I’m so excited to see your continued growth! I look forward to possibly seeing you this afternoon or later this evening.

I added the recordings of the 4th Mode Sticheraric hymn that was missing to the first lesson of our class. We are studying the rhythms for the two 4th Mode Sticheraric hymns in Weeks 3 & 4 and will then study the hymns on parallagi and melos in Week 5 & 6. You can start listening to them ahead of time if you would like.

Also, I added a lesson to Week 3 this morning. It could have gone in Week 4 but Week 4 already had more than Week 3. The lesson is on strategies to develop the ability to hold a stable ison note. If you don’t want to work on this skill right now that is fine (because you’re too busy studying other content or because you don’t chant ison). I wanted to include the information because it’s a good intro to the new app that we’re going to use to help us work on tuning. Please read through the lesson this week or next week.

I hope that you are having a great week!